Online Advertisements

At this time, Sole Society does not publish our own online advertisements. Many online advertisements are now based on your browsing history, called "personalized ads". Banners, sidebars, and areas all over a website will feature items you have recently searched, pages you have visited, etc. Many browsers, websites, and platforms use this new style of advertising such as Google Chrome and Facebook. You can learn more information by clicking the small logo at the top of the Ads when you see them. 


This process pulls data from saved cookies (information from when you last visited a website) within your current internet service. This information is usually not up-to-date and may feature items that are no longer available or at a different price. If you clear your browser's cache, cookies, and browsing history these advertisements should reset. Sole Society is not able to honor any price discrepancies or information that is no longer valid on our site. 



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